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About Pre-Pet®

Dutch Diagnostics BV started in 2001 with the distribution and sale of rapid tests. We have since built up a distribution network in more than 80 countries where our products are sold to laboratories, hospitals and resellers.


Our slogan has always been "Human and Animal Care". At the insistence of many of our customers, we started last year to also focus on animal diagnostics.


To this end, we have made a careful selection of tests that are available for pet owners to start with. The line will be expanded with tests more suitable for vets.


Under the Pre-Pet® label, in the Netherlands we will initially start offering tests suitable for cats and dogs and other small pets (rabbit, hamster). These tests can generally use urine or stool. Easy to perform tests that immediately give a reliable result.


For the exact tests available for your pet you can take a look under "Our products" in the menu above. The sale of these products to owners will initially go through our subsidiary BV.


We ask veterinarians and practices to contact us if there is interest in the extensive line of products. For the vet market all products will be offered by Duch Diagnostics directly.

Call or email us, our details are on the contact page.

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